Abbey Road Apartment Project With Thirteen Interior Design

Abbey Road Apartment Project With Thirteen Interior Design

I recently worked on a commission with leading interior design firm Thirteen Interior Design for a residential space in Abbey Road, London. 

Thirteen Interior Design specialise in luxury end to end interior design solutions and project management for show homes for leading property developers, as well as private and residential clients. 

Omar Obaid created custom artwork for project for Thirteen Interior Design

The company was founded by design duo Lois Street and Jazmin Clark who have a wealth of experience within the luxury property sector.

My brief involved creating an original painting which incorporated some of the colours of the high-end textiles selected by the team to create a finished look.

"We commissioned the very talented Omar Obaid to create this abstract artwork for our latest project. He worked the colour of the upholstery and soft furnishings into the piece. We love the result."

Feedback from Thirteen Interior Design.

It is always a pleasure working with the team. I work on a lot of projects with interior designers, architects and project managers. 

If you are looking for a custom original painting, please do get in touch and you can request a quote here

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