A Complete Guide To Lighting Art - Top Tips To Light Artwork

A Complete Guide To Lighting Art - Top Tips To Light Artwork

Your guide to adding the perfect lighting to your art

You have invested in a beautiful piece of artwork and want to ensure it is displayed for maximum exposure and that your lighting compliments your one-of-a-kind piece in your home or office.

It is important to note that by finding the right lighting, you can ensure you will have the opportunity to admire your art with the same resolution and colouring that first made you fall for the piece, at any hour of the day. 

One of my original paintings displayed in my client's private residence in Hong Kong.

Size of artwork

A good starting point is the size of your artwork. Whether your artwork is small or large can impact the choice of lighting. Small artworks, including paintings or photographs can be displayed well using LED picture lights.

The benefits of using LED lighting includes low UV emission and added protection of your art as the lights will not emit high temperatures. Plus, you want the focal point to be the art itself rather than the lighting, and this solution is discreet. 

This example is an LED picture light from The Lighting Company with prices starting from around £50.

For larger artworks, it is important to have strong ceiling lights that not only spread light evenly throughout your room, but also compliment the style of your artwork. This large elegant, modern chandelier would be the perfect choice for an original abstract painting, and could even bridge the gap between more traditional interiors. 

This chandelier comes from The Lighting Company with prices starting from around £800.

An example of one of my original paintings displayed in a residential space designed by an interior designer.

Style of your artwork

If your room design and art is more monochrome, you could find a ceiling light that blends with your style, such as this art deco ceiling light.

It comes from The Lighting Company with prices starting from around £600.

Alternatively, you could use a contrasting colour to attract attention to your space, such as this copper trio of lights above an extra large monochrome abstract painting.

An example of one of my large, original paintings displayed in a commercial premises.

Build your room decor

Another way to draw eyes to your artwork is through the use of floor lamps. Adding a contemporary floor lamp can instantly direct viewers to your new piece. This works well for smaller pieces that are placed on adjacent walls. 

This tall, wooden floor lamp from John Lewis is a subtle choice which would compliment a vibrant, modern artwork.

An example of one of my original paintings in a residential setting.

Similarly, adding a simple yet modern table lamp beneath an artwork can also add to the ambience of the space, while also enhancing your artwork's placement.

This table lamp also comes from John Lewis.

One of my art prints, "Abstract 27", displayed on a desk.

I hope you found this article useful. If you are interested in finding original art, please feel free to browse my original paintings and art prints here, or get in touch if you would like a custom artwork created for your space.

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